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How to Know When You Need a Website Upgrade

71% of small businesses have their own websites, but many of these websites go neglected over the years. If your small business is not currently online, you are missing out on major growth potential in the digital market. As a business owner, it’s important to note how much a website upgrade can do for you.

Are you ready to take the next steps for a website upgrade this year? Read on to learn just what to do to improve your website design in no time.

1. You Need a Website Upgrade if Your Site is Not Mobile Responsive

More people are searching online using their cell phones than laptop computers. 6.8 billion cell phone owners exist in the world. In fact, roughly 60% of searches use mobile devices. View your website using a cell phone to determine how imminent you should upgrade your layout.

Do your website graphics show up? Does the text font look crisp and clear for anyone to easily decipher? These are questions you need to ask yourself the next time you view your website through a cell phone. Mobile responsive pages are a must-have when it comes to business website design. Your website needs to be mobile responsive so people are able to look at your products and services and make purchases straight from their cell phones.

Once your new website is in shape to be mobile responsive on Apple or Android devices, this change will ultimately increase your revenue.

2. User Experience is Poor

When a user clicks on your website, is he or she bombarded by pop-ups? If there are too many pop-ups to get in the way of the heart of your website, then a website upgrade is necessary for better user experience. Users are more likely to click away from your site if it becomes cluttered with too many advertisements, too.

Limit the amount of unnecessary extra content from your homepage to improve the user experience so your customers leave happy every time they shop.

3. The Design is Outdated

Updating your website layout and logo is key to attracting new visitors. You should think about your business as a brand. First impressions matter. Visuals are how people relate to your company, so, therefore, the images you provide on your site must be in line with your branding.

Add some new features to your websites, such as slideshows and videos, to show that your company is on trend with the latest in modern design. If visitors like what they see, they are going to refer your company to their friends and family, too. Your website represents your brand and who you are as a company, so make sure to consider a website upgrade to boost performance.

Need Corporate Website Services?

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