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What You Should Know About Offshore Web Development

Maintaining a current online presence is as important as ever in today’s market. No matter what type of business you’re in, your website is the calling card and information headquarters for your company. When potential clients search for a product or service in your industry, the first thing they do is search online. Customers expect you to have a web site. See Does My Business Need a Website? With that said, paying to set up or relaunch a website can be a steep investment for some business owners, leading them to look for money-saving options. One of those options is outsourcing web development to offshore programmers.

The concept of outsourcing has been around since the beginning of business, but it’s become increasingly more popular over the last few decades. On its own, the act of contracting work to third parties doesn’t sound so bad, but the idea of outsourcing web development overseas has particularly garnered a bad reputation. The common belief is that web programing that’s done internationally, especially in Asia or the Middle East, is inferior to what can be done in the United States. But, is outsourcing web development offshore really that bad?
In short, our answer at Optimum Systems Online (OSO Web Studio) is: no. Outsourcing web programming to overseas companies is not a bad idea—if you do it right.

What You Should Know

Not all overseas work is the same. In general (not always), the web programming done in India and the Philippines is the cheapest you can find, but sometimes the work does not transfer easily to American systems. A program might look like it’s working at first sight, but the coding many times doesn’t hold up when you make changes.
It’s important to note, we’re talking about web development/programming here. This is different from web design. To put it simply, web development is the whole backend of a website. It includes codes, codes and more codes. See Web Designer Vs. Web Developer.

American web programmers have the best reputation for product quality. Local companies, including Danbury, CT-based OSO Web Studio, are known for creating user-friendly interfaces that are run by advanced coding. Not surprisingly, American prices usually reflect the quality—better quality, higher prices. However, there’s a way around this.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Overseas Outsourcing

We find that the web development that’s currently coming from Ukraine is underrated. Overall, web sites that have been coded and built in the Ukraine are performing better once they reach the United States compared to those built in other international countries. Plus, 80 percent of Ukraine developers speak English, which is obviously a huge benefit. On average, the cost is lower than American web programming and the quality is better than what you see coming from other Asian and Eastern European countries.

Our recommendation is to look for the best of both worlds. When you interview American web programmers, don’t be too quick to dismiss those who outsource overseas. You could end up saving a lot of money. Look for an American website company with a good reputation that will guarantee its finished product. The result will be a quality web site for less money.

Located in Fairfield County, Connecticut, OSO has an office in the Ukraine where some of its web programming is handled. This is one of many steps we take to ensure reasonable prices to our customers. The work done in our Ukraine center is reviewed by our American office to guarantee language, culture and overall quality is as it should be.

If you have any questions about the dynamic of overseas web development, we are happy to talk with you –  Contact us.

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