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The Advantages of Using Dynamic Website Design

There are thousands of decisions you have to make when building a website, but one is more important than all of the rest.

Are you going to build a static site, or are you going use a dynamic website design?

If you’re only going to have a couple of pages, then a static build will probably serve you fine. Anything more than that, and you’ll want to consider a dynamic build. Here’s why.

The Database Makes the Difference

When you build a static site, you have to create and code each page, by hand and individually. The same goes for updating and maintaining these pages, and all of the elements that go with them.

If you only have one or two pages, then it’s not that hard. But it starts to become complicated and messy when you have to maintain several.

When you build a dynamic website design, your site’s information gets stored in a database, instead of on each page individually. This allows your site to behave differently and adapt to your customer’s needs.

It Saves Time

Having all of your information stored in one location makes managing your site easier and much faster. You can make changes in one place and have them reflected on your entire site instantly, instead of going page by page.

This makes changing your design, updating your information, and adding new content much easier and faster for you. It also helps keep your code clean, which means your pages load faster and with less technical issues.

This makes it faster for your customers, as well.

It Creates an Interactive, Custom Experience

Every customer who visits your site is different, so your site should be, as well. A dynamic website design pulls information from the database as the customer requests it, allowing it to be customized to their needs.

Searches can be tailored, location-specific information can be presented, and the mobile experience will go a lot smoother. As more time is spent using smartphones to consume our daily content needs, this is extremely important.

Customers have also come to expect a high level of interactivity from websites. Quick navigation through pages, content suggestions related to previous searches and purchases, and messaging services are just a few examples of this.

It Can Be Managed from Anywhere

When all your information is stored in a database, you can work on your website from any device, anywhere. You aren’t tied to the computer that contains all your files and data like you would be with a static website.

This allows you to handle issues as they arise, implement changes on the go, and update content as inspiration strikes, not when you can finally get to it. Sometimes when you wait, important information, ideas, and even customers can be lost.

Is A Dynamic Website Design Right for You?

A well-designed website is an important piece of the satisfied visitor’s experience.

If you have any questions or need help with your website, we’re here to help. From design implementation to content creation, marketing to management, we’ve got your website needs covered!

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