7 Simple Halloween Animations To Dress Up Your Site In 2018

How unique is your website?

Have you taken the time to create the most engaging landing pages possible? Is your user experience the best it can possibly be? If not, you have a problem.

As much as you want your website to express your company’s authority and display the products/services you offer, you also want to share your company culture with users.

Culture is one of the biggest things that drives brand loyalty.

It tells users you care about them and that you’re not just looking to make a sale. It makes them feel valuable and it adds excitement to all their interactions with you, too.

As such, it’s worth showing off your company culture’s fun side whenever you can. A great way to do this during the holidays is to transform your website into a unique experience that goes with the spirit of the season!

This Halloween, take the time to put Halloween animations on your website – like some of these 7 simple, yet super fun designs.

1. A Haunted Homepage

A haunted homepage tells users that you’re in the Halloween spirit from the second they arrive on your site. It’s also an easy web design change to make because you’re only focusing on one landing page of the website.

Still, it’s best to go all-out when making this update.

Make your main background color black, a deep purple, or a dark green. Add fog to the borders and put a few cobwebs or Halloween lights on the homepage. Maybe the main animation on the screen could be pouring rain or lightning strikes.

Whatever you do, try to blend the Halloween animations with your branding. You still want your company to shine through these fun effects.

2. Pop-up Ghosts

What happens when it’s dark and stormy during Halloween?

Ghosts come out to play!

You have to add a few pop-up ghosts to your website during Halloween. These can easily be added on to the opt-in forms and welcome messages you already have as pop-ups.

Or, they can be used as an entirely new feature. This will really surprise the users who frequent your site and keep them on their toes.

3. Light-up Jack-o-Lanterns

Jack-o-Lanterns are arguably the most classic Halloween decorations. They’re just spooky enough to show that you’re in the spirit without having to change your entire website’s design.

Plus, there’s a great branding opportunity to take advantage of by incorporating your logo into the jack-o-lantern design. You can have a lot of fun putting different company symbols on a digital jack-o-lantern and adding a few more traditional designs, too. This will literally make your brand shine!

4. Creepy, Crawly Spiders

Up next on the list of fun Halloween animations to add is a bunch of creepy, crawly spiders. This may sound crazy, but it’s part of the fun of Halloween season.

Just as many homeowners set up fake cobwebs and witches cauldrons, you can add a handful of creepy animations to your website. Maybe put a brewing cauldron on the center of a landing page as it’s loading or turn the cursor on the screen into a spider. When a user does something that makes a pop-up message appear, there could be some spiders that appear on the screen with it.

5. “Warning” Signs and Messages

Do you remember seeing a lot of caution tape at haunted houses or warning signs in front of some neighbors’ yards during Halloween? Have you considered how these can make great animations for your website?

If you’re running a sale during the month of October, the messaging should be done with some sort of “warning.” A word like this gets a user’s attention. When they read through the entire copy and realize you’re offering them a sale, they’ll also realize you’re just having a bit of fun with them.

Such an interaction goes a long way. It does wonders to build your consumer relationships and create repeat business.

6. Halloween-Inspired Text

Another way to have fun with your users this Halloween season is to change some of your website’s copy into Halloween-like text. Switch from standard Sans Serif or fun, free-handed text to something that looks a little eerie.

The Halloween text you picture in your mind may look like goo or it could be a sequence of tilted letters. Maybe it’s thick and bold or thin and slender.

Your Halloween writing style doesn’t have to be completely different from your company’s standard text. But, it is a creative way to show off your spooky side.

7. A Spooky Spin on Your Logo

The final way to add a Halloween animation to your website is to do something with your logo. Think about it: your logo is all over your website. It’s something most users are already used to seeing, but putting a Halloween spin on it can make them pay more attention to it.

Maybe you give your logo a little superhero costume with a moving cape, or maybe you turn it into some sort of mystical creature. Maybe the logo is what has a few creepy crawlers on it or maybe the animation you choose is to make it “disappear.”

Whatever you do, though, get creative! The more fun you have with your logo change and all the other Halloween animations mentioned above, the better your users will respond to it.

Get All the Halloween Animations Your Site Needs

It’s one thing to picture a few Halloween animations in your mind and another to figure out how to make them come to life.

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