Web deisgn trends for 2018

6 Major Web Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

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Get The Hottest Web Design Trends of 2018

In this post, you’ll learn 6 things-to-do that will keep your website on the cutting edge of trendiness and will leave your competitors eating your proverbial internet dust. First get started by reviewing your holiday marketing checklist.

Patterns and Mixed Geometric Forms

The inclination to use artistic patterns and geometric forms is not going anywhere. It’s a theme that began to take shape a couple of years ago, but in 2018 it’s only expected to gain popularity.

With minimalist web design trends a popular go-to for web designers today, using geometry helps bring life to otherwise simple websites.

Using a mixture of pattern and geometric shapes, designers can make particle backgrounds. These are moving background images that are quicker to load than video.

With an increase in popularity of particle backgrounds expected in 2018, you can anticipate patterns and shapes to be a sizable part of the equation.

Use of White Space and Bright Colors

Continuing with the principles of minimalist design that we expect to see grow in 2018 is the appropriate use of white space and bright colors.

Increasing the white space to create a better user experience is a web design trend that grew out of the desire to move away from cluttered, busy homepages.

Designers now use white space as a design element. With the right amount of white space, offset by bright pops of color, designers can draw the readers attention to a clean page of content.

Photo Content and Unique Graphics

Photos are still a big part of making purchasing decisions and will remain relevant for anyone looking to sell anything online. But reader beware, photo content that works is unique and relevant.

Use of things like custom product photography that entices and intrigues the reader will increase. That’s not the same as purchasing stock photos or using free ones.

People are moving away from stock photography in the business world and moving toward unique infographics and other custom images that help make a point.

Video Backgrounds and Custom Animation

Despite sometimes causing load-time issues, we still can’t get enough of video backgrounds going into 2018.

Consumers should expect to see more of this strategy unleashed as every company seeks to look like they’ve mastered digital transformation.

3D Shading, Contrast and Bold Typography

If you’ve learned anything thus far about 2018 web design trends it’s that bolder and bigger is better when coupled with contrast and a clean look.

Web designers are branching out and trying things like:

  • 3D shading
  • Particle backgrounds
  • Bold typography
  • Animated typography
  • Brightly colored typography

Anything and all things that can be contrasted with little text and a lot of white space is free game.

Smart Websites

Perhaps the most interesting trend will be to see where the Internet of Things (IoT) leaves web designers of 2018.

It’s anticipated some websites will become part of the IoT, offering more opportunities to interact with public and personal items in the real world. This will include things like websites that double as apps that let you control the lighting in your home.

2018 Web Design: Clean, Daring and Smart

They say art imitates life. And if 2018 runway fashion is any indicator, web design will lay claim to everything punchy, colorful and sophisticated in the year to come.

If we have to use three words to describe web design trends in 2018 it’s: clean, daring, and smart.

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