10 Successful Strategies for Increasing Organic Traffic

61% of marketers shared that increasing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority. Is your company a part of that 61%?

When a visitor comes to your website from a search engine like Google, Yahoo, or Bing, that visitor is considered an organic visitor. Meaning they came from a source that was not paid for or promoted on, it was searched for directly.

Increasing this metric is almost always a part of strategic marketing campaigns. This method of lead generation is sought after mainly because it costs the company no money, and often occurs because the website was referred to them by a friend.

One of the biggest questions marketers have is, “How can I increase this kind of traffic”? Although this is a very broad question, here are 10 successful strategies for increasing organic traffic.

1. Start With Questions

Most consumers will go to your site because they have a question.

“How much does paint cost”?

“What is the life-span of a jellyfish”?

“How long will your company’s pair of jeans last”?

The questions go on and on. Do you have the answers to the most common questions consumers ask in your industry on your website? If not, you should.

2. Take SEO Seriously

Reading SEO over and over again probably does not make you want to try it, but it is guaranteed to increase your organic capabilities.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is all about adding keywords to your article that are more likely to be searched by your target audience, therefore, increasing your possible organic traffic.

For example, if your company is discounting sweaters and you would like more conversions on your landing page about sweaters, increase the keywords that relate to your company’s sweaters.

Maybe use the phrase, ‘sweaters under $10 in Utah’ or ‘white knit sweaters near me’. This is one of the ways you can help your site appear higher on search engine sites.

3. Create Compelling Content

Low-quality content means low-quality visitors.

Many people talk about how effective landing pages with articles can be for your organic search capabilities. This goes hand in hand with SEO.

One thing to remember is that you shouldn’t publish just any content. Writing un-professional, or irrelevant content will not bring your target audience to your website, making it ineffective and useless content.

4. Boost New Pages

Continuing with restructuring content in order to bring in new organic leads, one strategy is to link new articles to old ones.

We wrote a great article about the need for content that may help explain the importance of this strategy.

See what I did there?

I linked you to an article that our company wrote a couple months ago because the more articles you read, the more likely you are to come back to the site, recommend it, and increase our search results on Google.

5. Competitor Analysis

Put together a short list of competitors in your industry and check out what they are doing. Search their site for keywords, type those keywords into a search engine, and analyze what happens.

One of the best things to do when trying to succeed with organic traffic is to see who is doing it well and gather strategy from them. Most companies probably won’t tell you their secrets, but doing the analysis yourself and finding out how you can mimic their success is a great way to begin.

6. Transcribe Your Video Content

Keywords within videos, unfortunately, do not have the same benefits as within article content.

So one of the best solutions for getting your videos seen is to transcribe the content into text form and place it underneath the video. This will allow the video keywords to be searchable through search engines just like any other article.

Videos are enticing to consumers and are arguably one of the best platforms to inform consumers of your latest and greatest company products.

7. Update Old Content

Sometimes the season trends make it difficult to receive a lot of views on great articles. People are simply searching less.

For example, if you publish an article on a holiday, many people will not see it that day. By the time consumers want the information that you had in that article, the statistics and tips within it are outdated.

To avoid getting your old content looked over, update it after a few months with more relevant information and more accurate statistics, then republish it. It will appear back at the top of your blog page and it will have an updated publish date in Google allowing consumers to see your content as fresh and new.

Trends change so often so it is essential to keep your content up to date.

8. Co-marketing Campaigns

Ever thought about teaming up with another company? Especially if they are targeting a similar demographic, this is a great strategy that is not used too often.

Examples of promotions you can collaborate on are:

  • Case Studies
  • Event
  • Incentive
  • Webinar
  • Training Course
  • Charitable Causes

Using a case study as an example, if two companies worked together on a case study and shared their report on their separate websites along with links to one another’s website, your redirects will increase and so will the potential for organic leads.

Having multiple companies work together on a great project can create a long-lasting relationship that can also be beneficial in the future.

9. Build Shareable Assets

UGC (User-generated content) is one of the most sought-after marketing assets right now. Influencers can be very powerful in sales.

Many companies don’t realize that they can be an influencer as well. Their social channels can produce enough unique content that is compelling and shareable as well.

Images that have high shares from highly rated social media accounts can also increase organic traffic. The higher the share count, the more likely your image will be referred to others.

10. Back links Are Profitable

Back links (or external links) are actually one of the most important things when it comes to search engine ranking; Google even confirmed this strategy.

Back links instantly increase website popularity through Google’s eyes because it builds authority and credibility.

For example, this article linked the web page that shared Google’s findings on the back links strategy which proofs that the fact is not made up for your amusement. It has been analyzed and proven effective by the top search engine.

Organic Traffic Cannot Be Ignored

Focus your time on the things that can bring the most potential leads over a long period of time. Creating ad’s may be faster, but the ROI can never really be steady. Organic traffic is steady and as shared above, there are a lot of ways to increase its success.

Learn more about driving traffic to your website, and check out our website here.

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