How Can Local SEO Help Your Small Business in Hartford, CT

Most Connecticut small businesses know that online marketing is important.

Just about everyone uses Google to find products or services now. However, not everyone knows about the most relevant type of marketing for them — local SEO.

This is ranking at the top of search results in your local area. And what small business owner doesn’t want that? Being the top search result in your local geographical area can lead to more foot traffic and most importantly, more sales.

Getting to that coveted top spot could be easier than you think. Keep reading to find out how local SEO can help your small business in Hartford, CT.

The Rise of Mobile and the Internet

Today, the internet has taken the place of the Yellow Pages. When a customer is looking for local services, they turn to Google or another search engine. Either they put their city name or use Google’s “near me” feature.

Additionally, our mobile phones these days are virtually on-the-go computers. Your customers make decisions about where to go when they need it. If you want to be listed when a customer searches for a certain service near them, you need local SEO.

Local SEO Gets Your Customers at the Right Time

Most of the time when people search for local SEO in Hartford, CT. they’re ready to make a purchase. If you get on their radar at this stage, you can reach local customers easily. This leads your business generating more sales.

Hartford, CT. small businesses can increase their chances of being found by using this simple local SEO technique. Create a free Google My Business page and choose categories your business fits into. You also get to pick keywords and a description, so you can target the exact customer you want.

Local SEO in Hartford, CT. Doesn’t Cost Much but Provides Results

Tactics like the Google tip above don’t cost that much. Many local directories will list your business for free. The return you get though is priceless.

Google’s research says that half of the people searching on mobile will visit a store within a day.

If you choose to hire a digital marketing consultant, the results are even more impressive for your business.

It’s Not That Hard to Set up

Local SEO for small business can be optimized with a few easy steps.

In addition to the Google page, check your site itself. Are your address, phone numbers and business name listed in text form? Match it to your Google listing and the search engine will reward you.

Offer to write a guest blog post to a magazine in your industry. You already have the knowledge and it could pay off in backlinks to your site. These backlinks increase your web presence and help you get found.

Get Help with Local SEO

For more tips on marketing your local Connecticut business, follow our blog. For an even better chance of ranking in local search results, we can help. We’re a professional agency that offers local SEO services that help your business stand out.

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