8 Essential Local SEO Tips for Connecticut Companies

With over 330,000 small businesses in Connecticut, there can be stiff competition for market share. Differentiating goods and services and building a brand is a must.

And while most business owners and executives know the importance of SEO many don’t know how to get there. They may waste time and money on strategies that don’t pay off.

Local SEO tips can help. Unless you are up-to-date on Google and the latest best practices your business may fail to capitalize on local customers.

Too many businesses focus on a large SEO campaign and fail to build their local customer base. Make sure you’re bringing your local customers and clients to your door with this guide:

1. A Physical Address

It sounds simple, but your business needs a physical address to succeed in local SEO. For many small businesses founded on the internet, this may not be already in place.

But you also want to have a physical address in the towns you are targeting.

2. Associate Your Business With a Place

Want to kill it in local SEO? Why not choose a business name that occupies a place?

Add your place name in your business name and you will immediately get a boost with search engines.

3. Localize Content and Tags

Add your location name to content, tags, and even URL’s.

4. Local SEO Tips Need Google Maps

Like traditional SEO, your local strategy needs to optimize for Google. But for the local tips, Google maps is the Holy Grail.

Get listed first on Google maps and your local clients and customers can find you right away.

Using GMB (Google My Business) is essential in this process. Make sure you claim your GMB page and that the information is correct.

Optimize your GMB and your presence on Google Maps will follow.

5. Local Link Building

Link building is a delicate science in every aspect of SEO. The same is true for your local SEO strategy.

Done right it can give you a huge boost. Make sure your links are relevant and natural and you’ll be great.

6. Content is Local King (Too)

We all know content is king in traditional SEO. The same is true with local tips.

Your local content needs to be super focused on relevant information to pay off.

7. Video

80% of all consumer internet traffic will be video by 2019. Reviews, walkthroughs, demos, special events, and more are all great video content ideas.

8. Build Reviews

Building a presence on local review sites should be a part of your SEO strategy. Depending on your industry, goods, or services, your focus can be on different sites.

But make sure you capture that local traffic with reviews.

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Great business leaders know the value of focusing on their core services. Unless you are current with SEO best practices your time investment can backfire.

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