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Preparing Your Mobile Strategy for Voice Search

SEO has always been a tricky beast and in the last two years it has become even more complex with the rise in mobile voice searches.

Mobile searches are different from traditional online search queries because they are more natural. Hopefully, they are also framed as key questions of who, what, when, where, why, and how. But they might not be.

It’s important to understand the nature of voice searches to optimize the mobile strategy for your business so that your company will still be found in search results.

Voice searches are only going to increase over the coming months and years so follow along to prepare yourself and your company.

Mobile Website

The first and most imperative part of creating a solid mobile strategy is to ensure that you have built a mobile friendly website. A mobile website is similar to your main website and typically held under a sub-domain that delivers the same content to the user, with a mobile friendly interface.

Make sure the mobile site is designed to be compatible with as many mobile devices and operating systems as possible. It’s also a good idea to keep the design simple and in line with your desktop site so as not to confuse users.

Mobile App

An app is a good way to engage your customers. You can create convenient ways to pay with mobile apps and also help create brand awareness.

Create an app that is interesting to use and contains useful informative content. You can also create free and paid versions by monetizing the app.

Monetize Your Mobile Apps

If you advertise in your app, you’re likely to make some money but another way to monetize your app is by selling a free app. To do this, simply create a version of the app that you will offer for free along with a second version that is more comprehensive, offering more to the customer, for a fee.

Offer Mobile Deals & Discounts in Your Mobile Strategy

Offer coupons, discounts and other kinds of deals on your website and mobile apps, even via text so that your customers trust and rely on you for good networks.

Partner with companies that offer the best deals and ensure that their offers are genuine prior to displaying them to your customers. Make the deals easy to access and redeem.


Don’t overdo it with ads especially because there is not a lot of space on mobile devices. There are ways however to include mobile marketing strategies that can promote your company’s services, using ad exchange programs.

Otherwise, stick to short, small messages with minimal graphics and utilize the right keywords and descriptive text for your ad that will draw potential customers to your business.

This really is the wave of the future and if you don’t get on board and stay on board, you could find yourself floating adrift without a buoy. Be smart and think ahead. And don’t forget to think like the consumer, too.

If you need help with your mobile strategy, or just have questions, contact our professionals. We’re here to help.

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