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5 Social Media Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2018

Getting attention. Making sales. These are things every company wants, but they don’t come easily.

As social media marketing trends rise, many people take an interest in products and services being offered. Through social media, the advertisements seem more authentic, generating further interest.

As with anything, trends in social media change every year, and sometimes even in a matter of months. Here are five marketing trends that are sure to rise in the year 2018.

Using Chatbots to Connect

Chatbots are a staple in social media marketing trends, and there is no sign of them going away. Essentially, these bots take the place of a human, as they chat with potential customers and answer questions.

These bots are used in formats such as:

  • Apps
  • Websites

By eliminating the job of answering basic questions, these bots allow their human counterparts to focus on other matters. When the customer has questions that go beyond what the bot is capable of, they connect with a human representative.

Influencers Will Lead Social Media Marketing Trends

Influencers have become the latest trend in social media. These individuals are real people who are picked by a company to integrate the products into their social media.

A company that focuses on fashion picks a model, or fashion blogger to be its influencer. These influencers usually have a dedicated following before they are picked.

2018 and the popularity of social media such as Instagram and Twitter prove influencers are here to stay. If your company doesn’t have one, this could be the trend that launches them.

Video Gets the Job Done

People are visual, and enjoy seeing how a product or service works. When attempting to advertise online, your company needs to find a way to convey this message to others.

A video is the easiest way to do this because:

  • It’s easy enough to replay
  • It is easy enough to show to others
  • Multiple videos are easily created for different products, services, or situations

Among other popular marketing trends online, it puts human faces on those affiliated with a company. This creates comfort and trust; ensuring people want to engage with your business.

Engaging Your Customers

Customer engagement is paramount to creating good relationships. This is more than simply returning messages to the company Facebook page.

It means responding to your customers on social media even if they seem upset or frustrated. Doing so shows your company cares.

This comes through when your company:

  • Asks what’s wrong
  • Offers solutions
  • Offers to contact via private message

If there is one trend that became a staple in online marketing, it’s the act of talking with customers and finding out how to help them.

Focusing on the Next Generation

Although not every company is doing this yet, many are focusing on Generation Z. These are young people in their late teens but are quickly becoming consumers in today’s digital age.

It’s important to note the differences in appealing to Gen Y vs. Gen Z. The newest generation is less traditional and more likely to work at an earlier age.

Because of this, they have money they are eager to spend and are perfect for marketing to.

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