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3 Spooktacular Halloween Marketing Campaigns

It’s the second most wonderful time of the year for marketers. Halloween, in all of its spooky glory, is responsible for $8.4 billion in American sales.

With a reward potential this great, you can’t afford to sit on the sidelines. A Halloween themed plan can help you boost sales in just a short amount of time.

But, as with all marketing campaigns, you need a strategy. Or else, your efforts may be downright terrifying.

So, let’s not waste any more time. With Halloween right around the corner, here are three spooktacular Halloween marketing campaigns.

Tips For Halloween Marketing

1. Costume Madness

What’s it take for someone to dress up around here? Perhaps, a little discount?

Offering exclusive sales and discounts to those who dress up is a fun way to fill the doors. Sure, not everyone is going to come dressed as a full alien or pin-up girl.

But, it’s still a lighthearted strategy that will make people put in a little effort. Look at Chipotle, for example. Their $3 boo-ritos generate a ton of response online and in person.

For some, it may not make sense to have customers showing up in costumes. So, that’s where you can get a little creative.

Use your social media channels as a way for people to post and share their get-ups. Make sure they tag you and your company, or use a set hashtag, for maximum exposure.

2. Get Cute, Not Scary

Another Halloween marketing strategy you could use is a contest through social media. But, instead of everyone sharing themselves in costume, ask for fun animal pictures.

Everyone loves a cute puppy or kitty all dressed up in Halloween gear. So, encourage your customers to post a picture of their animals all decked out.

This will generate a lot of response because people frequently use social media to share animal pictures. You could reward the person with the most likes a discount or prize.

Again, make sure you come up with a hashtag specific to your contest. Also, make sure you ask participants to tag your company’s handle.

3. Zombie Yourself?

You know those dancing elf videos that your aunt crops everyone’s head into for Christmas? Think of that, except much spookier.

Let customers ‘zombie-fy’ themselves so they can see what they’d look like as one. The animations can dance, zombie walk, or even just pose for the camera.

This one requires a web or visual designer if you decide to go the video route. But, it’s a fun way to get people talking and sharing online.

You can post the contest to your social channels as well as share through email or newsletters. Let viewers download the video/image and share it onto their own pages!

For More Halloween Marketing Tips

Good- you’re still reading! That means we didn’t scare you away.

If you’re wanting to create a fun Halloween marketing strategy, then look no further.

At Optimum Services Online, we like to keep our customers on their toes. We do that through web and digital development.

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