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How to Create the Ultimate Content Marketing Plan

Did you know that content marketing takes up 26-30% of the average marketing budget and in some cases even up to 50%?

Having an online brand presence is crucial to getting your business off the ground.

You’ve built a customized website, created your logo and brand concept, and joined social media. Now what? You need to fill it with content!

There are three main goals when creating a content marketing plan:

  1. Getting traffic
  2. Turning Leads into Sales
  3. Gaining Brand Recognition

The #1 question we get asked is “How do I create the ultimate content marketing plan?”

Well, it’s easy! You just have to know where to start:

Know Your Brand – Know Your Audience

You should be able to answer two main questions: “What are my business needs and what are my audience’s needs?”

Your plan should have a solid balance of articles that are entertaining, informational, and action-driven.

It should also target your audience’s interests and needs.

What are you selling? Is it a service, a product, or a membership? Who are the people who use or need this service?

This is your target demographic and the more specific you can get, the better.

SEO Friendly Content

Besides creating content that is informational, it also should be SEO friendly.

Here are some factors to look for when creating articles that will rank in search engines:

  • Title: Does your title contain your searchable keyword? Is it interesting and clickable?
  • Meta Description: This is the preview text that shows up under search engines. Give the reader just enough to want to read more.
  • Internal links: Do you provide valuable links back to other content on your website?
  • External links: Do you provide readers with some extra sources or links?

Optimize your posts for SEO and see how much of a difference it makes! Even the most engaging content can’t bring in customers if no one sees it.

When developing your content marketing plan, make sure you don’t just write great posts but also create easy-to-follow content. Whether these are infographics or informational Youtube videos, they are necessary for a successful brand.

Test. Analyze. Test.

Using tools such as Google Analytics is not just a suggestion anymore. If you want to have a successful content strategy you have to be able to adjust based on your performance.

There is no magic wand to tell you all your best keywords or how your content will rank on Google. The online market is changing every day, and you have to keep researching and testing the best methods for your business.

Measure how well your keywords are ranking up against your competition. Use keyword research tools to figure out what keywords and keyword variations you are currently ranking for.

Begin Your Content Marketing Plan Today

Want to up your game with incredible content writing? We have perfected the art of creating meaningful and entertaining content, that is also SEO savvy!

Not sure where to begin with your content marketing plan? We have experts standing by ready to answer your questions at any time.

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