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Why Secure Hosting Is Essential for Your Website

If you love something, should you let it go or lock it up tightly? If it’s related to your business, go with the latter.

In today’s world, it’s almost impossible to feel completely safe on the Internet. Each time we forget about the last data/hacking breach, another news story pops up.

So how do we, as business owners and consumers know which websites are trustworthy? We can check for a secure server.

Websites with secure hosting (a secure server) go through a verification process. The process ensures customers that the website is safe to do business with.

Interested in building more trust with your customers? Learn the what, why, and how of secure servers below!

What Is Secure Hosting?

A secure hosting is the Internet’s version of a background check for your website. To conduct the check, a person or a program checks through your website to make sure you (and your online presence) match up.

Once you’ve been cleared and declared trustworthy, you’ll get an SSL certificate. SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” and is a direct and closed line between two servers.

The SSL uses this line to encrypt sensitive data and does its best to keep other people out.

The certificate tells the web browser that you’re safe and you’ll get an “s” for secure on the end of your HTTP(S).

This little “s” alerts Google and your consumers that the data on your site is safe. As an added bonus, Google announced that having an SSL certificate boosts SEO!

Why Go to the Trouble?

The quick answer is: to keep your customer’s information safe. As a business, the last email you want to send is an, “I’m sorry, but we’ve been hacked” announcement.

Installing an SSL costs a lot less than doing damage control post-hack.

It’s not just for consumers. Having a secure connection keeps the businesses data safe too. There’s no 100% security guarantee on the Internet, but having an SSL is a great defense.

It can save you from hackers stealing your/your client’s information. It also serves as protection against DoS attacks!

A DoS attack is where hackers use your server to control their own devices. It can make your web traffic slow or shut your site down entirely. Not what any business person wants!

So, How Do You Get It?

To get a secure server for your website, you’ll need to talk to your web hosting  or an online security company.

Then, they’ll take you through a series of steps to make sure your website deserves an SSL. Once they’re convinced that your site is safe, you’ll get your certificate.

Check with your provider to see how long your certificate lasts. Some need renewing every few years. You don’t want to forget and let it run out!

Final Thoughts

Having a secure host is almost a mandatory requirement for a successful website. If you have strong competition in the area, that little “s” could be enough to outrank your competition.

With an SSL, both the business and the consumer are protected. Everyone wins.

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