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5 Email Metrics You Need to Hit Your Goals

Are you reaching your marketing goals with your emails? If not, it’s time to look at your email metrics.

In 2015, the National Client Email report stated every $1 spent on email returns $38.

So email marketing is definitely worth your time and money. When it’s done right.

Follow these five big picture metrics in your campaigns — and get the most out of your email marketing to convert more leads.

1. Know Your Goal

Do you want to get more interest in a particular product or are you just building your email list? If your goal is more opt-ins, what’s your target number?

Email marketing isn’t just concentrating on “best practices“. Of course, you want to make sure your list is treated respectfully and there’s always a clear way to opt out.

But also be clear about what email metrics are common in your industry and use them to set goals.

Take the time to outline clear, concise email metrics. Know what you want to accomplish with your campaigns. Set deadlines and hard numbers to drive results.

2. Use Tracking Services To Benchmark Your Particulars

There are dozens of great email marketing companies out there. It can be overwhelming to pick the right one. Take time to research and find the best email marketing service for your goals.

All email marketing results can be tracked. From the opens to the click throughs to the conversions. Rank which results will be the most telling for your goals so you aren’t collecting redundant data.

Find a company that provides insights into those valuable metrics. Testing is the key to knowing your target market, and without the right metrics, you’ll never gather insight.

3. Use Multiple Test Groups

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” This rings true with email metrics too.

Divide your massive campaigns into smaller testing groups. Test your subject lines, opening hooks, and links. Evaluate their performance to optimize your campaigns.

Half way through emailing, a small adjustment could double the click through rate. Segmenting your audience and doing split tests is the best way to monitor engagement.

4. Study Your Email Metrics Results

Look at the results and make adjustments… but have a system in place for consistency.

Be systematic and diligent to continue learning about your industries email metrics. This isn’t a one size fits all marketing technique. It takes time and perseverance to be successful.

Review, test, and tweak regularly.

5. Evaluate The Return On Investment

When your deadline comes and goes, how did you do? According to 80% of marketers, email helps companies grow. But you won’t see the growth if you don’t record your results.

Keep proper reports so you can compare campaigns year after year. Was the return on investment profitable after you tracked and deducted the time invested? Be honest with yourself and objectively evaluate the process and return.

It’s inspiring to document the payoff — but it can also help you constantly improve.

It’s all about getting leads. Stop by our blog to learn more great tips on how to grow your email list and boost conversion by 50%.

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