5 Business Trends You Don’t Want to Ignore in 2018

In 1965, Intel co-founder Gordon Moore noticed that the number of transistors that could be placed on a computer chip was doubling every year. He theorized that this rate of advancement in technology would increase exponentially over time.

Applied to every technological sector today, this theory is now referred to as Moore’s Law. This exponential technological advancement is already fundamentally changing the way businesses operate and market their products.

If you aim to keep up with the Jones’, your business will need to advance at a similar pace. Here are 5 business trends you should stay on top of.

1. Customer-Facing A.I.

Software engineers have made some tremendous advancements in the realm of Artificial Intelligence. Utilizing machine learning, programmers have been able to create computers that are smarter than ever before. They’re more able to interact with humans and understand their language and intuit their needs.

This is a boon for the customer service department of your business. Today, you can implement smart A.I. in the form of chatbots on your webpage or as a virtual receptionist at a call center.

2. Digital Social Learning

Technological advancements have given us the ability to work remotely. Our laptops and phones work just as well as our office equipment, so why bother coming into the office?

Well, the downside is that this further alienates us from our coworkers, making us less cooperative and open-minded. We lose opportunities for social learning, wherein we interact with our coworkers to learn new things and solve problems.

But there is now new software, like Slack, that can connect coworkers in ways that promote social learning. A Bloomberg study found that 50% of businesses already take advantage of social learning.

3. Live Interactions on Social Media

All of the major social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – now have live streaming options. For businesses, these live streaming tools provide another channel through which you can interact with customers cheaply and easily.

4. Voice-Optimized Marketing Campaigns

Voice-controlled A.I. like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa is becoming more and more popular. There are currently 45-50 million Alexa’s in U.S. homes. Since so many Americans now interact with these “robots,” businesses are now creating marketing campaigns with them in mind.

For example, Netflix’s Stranger Things created a campaign through Amazon’s Alexa where fans could interact with Dustin and Eleven and go on a voice-controlled adventure. Businesses’ content marketing strategies are getting more interactive, and so should yours.

5. Captive-Audience Advertising

Thanks to the Internet of Things, there are screens everywhere we look. We have screens in the back of taxis, at our gas station pumps, and even in our own refrigerators.

Some businesses are taking advantage of this by creating ads for these devices where a prospective customer is forced to wait for something. It’s much easier to grab a prospective customer’s attention in these types of situations.

Need Help Staying on Top of Business Trends?

Of course, these are only but 5 of the business trends you should concern yourself with. If you truly want to stay on the cutting edge, you may want to look into the services we provide.

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