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The SEO Google Analytics You Should Be Tracking

So you’ve connected Google Analytics to your website. And now you’re tracking all sorts of data for your business. If you’re like most business owners, you’re tracking any and everything you can.

But this can actually turn out to be counterproductive. There is such a thing as data overload, and you’ll quickly witness this if you’re tracking too much of the wrong data.

The great thing about SEO Google Analytics is that it’s easily customizable to meet your business goals. So if you know what your business goals are, you can decipher what it is you need to be tracking.

But if you’re still a little clueless about which metrics are worth your time, then continue reading!

Focus On These SEO Google Analytics Tips

Track Your E-commerce Data

If you have an online shop, your e-commerce data is crucial to know. This can help you understand which of your customers are the most profitable. And you’ll know how to reach them.

With this information, you can create campaigns tailored specifically to this group of people. And by drawing in more of the right prospects, you can continue boosting conversions and revenue.

Begin Tracking Your Goals

Hopefully, you already have goals set up on your SEO Google Analytics. If not, it’s not difficult to do. These are key to tracking your conversion rates.

With goal tracking, you can pinpoint parts of your online campaign that are converting the most. This may be your blogs, guest blogs, social media posts or ad campaigns.

Then you can begin focusing more on improving these areas versus wasting time on the areas that aren’t yielding results.

Keep an Eye on Your AdWords

Now, this is important to have if you’re using AdWords. You can connect it with your analytics account and begin watching which keywords are performing the best.

Otherwise, you’re at risk of wasting money on ads that are underperforming.

Watch Your Site Search Data

Each time a visitor conducts a search on your site, it’s being recorded. So take advantage of this by tracking site search. This will identify what users are looking for once they enter your site.

You may learn many of your customers are looking for a product or service you don’t offer yet. Or maybe you’ll see a higher interest in a product or service you least expected.

All of this can help determine what moves your business should make next.

Measuring the ROI of Campaigns

Each campaign you create needs tracking. But what you want to hone in on is the ROI of each one. This way, you can find out which campaigns to continue putting money into and which to shut down.

You can use this for all sorts of campaigns, including emails, Facebook and banner ads, blogs and more. So the more you track, the more you’ll know!

Learn How SEO Google Analytics Can Help Your Business

What’s great about Google Analytics is that it puts a ton of data at the fingertips of business owners. Unfortunately, a lot of entrepreneurs are unsure of what to do with it all. Or which data is of any importance.

So rather than trying to figure it out on your own, you can hire a knowledgeable SEO consultant. At Optimum Systems Online, we have experienced online marketers who can help create, manage and grow your internet campaigns.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, rates and how we can help maximize your SEO results!

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