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5 Talents To Look For In a Web Programmer

Looking to beef up your website with some hardy design updates?

Improving your website is a great step to attracting more customers. Contrary to the old adage ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ most interactions in our lives are based on the first impression. It’s how we gauge what’s worth our time in a busy schedule.

Most web users will browse a new website for a mere 10 seconds. So when a user stumbles upon your website, you’ll want to keep them engaged with an appealing browsing experience.

But unless you know the ins and outs of coding a website, you’ll want to hire a web programmer to do the job right.

Read on to learn what to look for in choosing the right one for your business.

1. Web Programmer Knowledge

Knowing how to code is a necessity for a web programmer.

Coding languages like HTML and JavaScript are what allow a developer to build and style a website. To the layman, it looks like a string of numbers, letters, and characters that make no apparent sense. To a computer, it can mean what shade of blue to make the background (and so much more).

Some coding languages are more specific in use than others, so you’ll want to read more on coding languages on the differences to determine what’s right for your project.

2. Communication

Being an effective communicator is a necessary skill for any person in the business world.

When interviewing to fill the position, get a feel for how you’ll be interacting with them. If you prefer to talk over the phone or over email, do they?

Pay attention to how you interact with one another. If it takes thirty minutes for you to both get on the same page, then you have a communication barrier there. Lost time is lost money, so find someone you mesh with.

3. Time Management

Like communication, how your web developer manages their time is a big factor.

Most website developers work on their own schedule, which is fine. But your business has its own schedule, and you need to be sure that your web programmer can adhere to that.

Find out how long it usually takes them to program similar projects to gauge their availability. It’s not always about speed here, either. You’ll want someone who takes the time to build an efficient and effective website.

4. Design Skills

Web design and web development are two related but different aspects in website programming.

Most small-business websites will want a web programmer who can do both. Learning a coding language is a skill like any other, but designing is an innate talent. Inquire about any experience the web developer has in design elements to see if they’re up to par for your needs.

5. Adaptability

Technology is always changing.

For the web developer, this means staying up-to-date on the latest coding languages and software. Check out if your potential web programmer is using the latest languages, like HTML5, to see if they’re on top of the game.

Choose Your New Web Developer Today

It’s time to boost traffic today with a fresh coat of paint.

Contact us when you’re ready to look into hiring a new web programmer who will provide the best service for your website update. Don’t settle for less.

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