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5 Ways SEO Can Boost Your Website Conversions

SEO is primarily pitched as a tool for boosting search engine rankings and visibility.

But SEO offers more than the chance to go further and rank higher.

One of the hidden benefits of SEO is that the same SEO tricks used to reach the top 3 can also help with conversions.

Here are five ways focusing on quality SEO tactics can help boost conversions.

1. SEO Demands Quality Content

Keyword-stuffed articles, posts, and pages are a thing of the past. Google hates them because readers hate them.

SEO now demands writing quality, authoritative, well-sourced content related directly to the keywords provided.

This is good news for website conversions because thought-out content designed to inform and inspire happens to boost the number of people who buy on its own.

2. SEO Demands Lightning Load Times

Search engines prefer websites that load quickly.

Load times are a key component of user experience. Even a 1-second delay in load time knocks back page views by 11% and conversions by 7%.

Thus, by boosting load times for SEO purposes, you’re also strategically boosting conversions by giving visitors one less reason to leave.

3. SEO Demands a Connection Between Tags/Headings and Content

Algorithms want to know that the information provided in a link matches what the headlines and tags it advertises. In other words, it’s another way to avoid keyword stuffing while boosting the search engines credibility.

What does this mean?

No one wants to find the first search result for ‘white wine’ is really an article related to apple cider vinegar. One is inherently drinkable and the other is poison the health industry believes you can drink but in reality, it makes your teeth itch.

So, good SEO practices now demand that your title and H1 heading match and that you’ve kept irrelevant text off the page.

How does this help website conversion?

Visitors who arrive at the right place won’t bounce immediately thereby giving them time to learn, blossom, and complete a purchase.

4. SEO Demands Videos

SEO algorithms are increasingly appreciative of videos because videos are easier for people to digest.

Videos also make a page more dynamic and improve the amount of time spent on a site.

Out of all these tips, video SEO optimization may be the most fruitful because videos don’t just provide better information to boost rankings. Video do it in a way that is more palatable and increases sales.

5. SEO Demands Easy Navigation

SEO algorithms love intuitive site design – and so do customers!

This point often goes without saying, but sometimes we forget simplicity as we try to design a beautiful or informative site.

When users are able to easily find what they want and buy what they want, they’re more likely to complete the purchase.

You Too Can Boost Website Conversions Using SEO

The new rules of SEO are designed to make your site more convincing. By using videos, focusing on user experience, and providing quality evergreen content, you’re pleasing both Google and your customers.

SEO and website conversions can go hand in hand.

But to enjoy the best of both worlds, you’ll need a stunning website. Let us help you create a site beloved not only by Google but by your adoring customers.

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