8 Web Trends 2018 Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

Web trends are frequently changing and evolving every year, so much that it’s hard to keep up as an owner of a small business. Take a leap and explore the new web development trends that can take your small business to the next level.

Not every trend will work for your business, but staying on top of these trends will help you decide which you should implement and which you shouldn’t.

Here are the top 8 web trends 2018 that small business owners should be aware of.

1. Video Is One of the Biggest Web Trends 2018

Short, concise, and clear videos are becoming a growing trend this year. Video storytelling is one way for your audience to get a good feel for your company and to get a lot of information in a short period of time.

The use of white space is important when thinking about making videos of your own. Also, consider creating the use of shadows for dimension.

Layering text on top of videos will assist viewers who are watching on mute or without headphones. Text also helps explain and add more context to the message further than what the video already says.

2. Bold Fonts and Bright Colors in Graphics and Pictures

Minimalism is a trend that is gaining popularity when it comes to everything from homeware to websites.

You can spot a large influence of minimalism in pictures and graphic elements for branding, especially on sites like Instagram. Bold fonts and bright colors are what highly followed successful influencers and brands use.

Large sans-serif fonts are eye-catching and feel modern. Look into stepping away from a lot of overly staged stock pictures. They come off fake and not engaging.

Collaborating with graphic designers and photographers to capture simple, fun images is key to getting that minimal look.

3. Consistency Is Key

People crave consistency. In 2018, it’s extremely important to have consistency in your branding that is working towards the goal of the company. This is what sets professional branded companies apart from competitors.

Think strategically about the message you wish to portray to your users and what they expect from your company. Some research to clarify your optimal target market and what their needs/wants are.

Everything from visuals to language needs to be consistent across multiple platforms. Your audience shouldn’t notice huge discrepancies in your message or how you present that message on your Twitter versus your website or Facebook page.

4. Cinemagraphs or GIFs

If you don’t know what a cinemagraph is, it’s a video that runs on a loop continuously. This technique can make a simple landing page more interesting and visually appealing.

You can place cinemagraphs on your social media pages. If you want your GIF to have more of a message, you can also layer text on top of it. Try to keep the text short and simple but just enough to get the attention of the viewer.

Make sure that the video used is of a high quality so that whether it’s small for a social media page or large for a website, it runs well and doesn’t look grainy.

5. Content That Users Can Interact With

Have you noticed the influx of polls and quizzes online? This is a way for brands to get interaction with current and potential customers.

These tools help users feel as if the content is more personalized and geared towards them. Not to mention, games and quizzes serve as a type of entertainment which separates these methods from other content on the internet.

Quizzes can test the user’s knowledge of a particular subject. Another use is to give a service or product as the answer or solution to the personal questions asked throughout the quiz.

They serve to benefit both the quiz maker by giving them information about potential customers and the quiz takers by giving them something perfect for them to use or buy.

6. Don’t Underestimate Animation or Illustration

Artists, graphic designers, and animators can help add dimension and playfulness to your brand. Working with these professionals will help to develop the personal style for your brand.

These visuals will make a big impact and aid the overall tone and message that you want to show the audience. They are easy to work on and customize with color, size, and style to fit your vision.

When it’s appropriate to do so, consider playing with animation with your logo or other elements to make a big impression.

7. Create Drama by Using Negative Space

When there is an abundance of empty space around a focal point or an object, it creates negative space. This is the artist’s way of drawing your eye to a specific area.

This design technique works well in 2018 because drama is a common theme this year.

Focal points will hold the viewer’s attention and they will normally be your product. If there is a well-worded call to action near the image, this will entice the potential customer to click-through and purchase the product or service.

8. Microinteractions are Engaging

Think of microinteractions like small animations that have one specific task. These small animations are responses to the users’ behavior on your site or mobile app.

If the user hovers over an area or clicks on an element on your page, it will trigger a reaction that gives a realistic response in the form of an animation.

This can be anything from the fading of colors or text to elements changing colors. You can even make things bounce around or disappear altogether.

Decide What Works Best For You

These web trends 2018 mostly revolve around interaction and stunning visual elements. As a small business, you might not be able to use all of these new techniques, but you can customize any of these to fit your business and your target customers.

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