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How to Grow Email Leads and Boost Conversions by 50%

There are a ton of lead conversion techniques out there, all promising effective results. However, it’s important to never forget the basics: converting email leads.

Building your email list can be harder than you think. However, don’t get discouraged. Email is one of the most powerful channels for lead conversion because it is a one-on-one conversation.

Want to know the 4 best ways to get email leads to convert? Read on for more.

4 Tips To Increase Conversion of Email Leads

Use these tactics to build your email conversion rates and increase your bottom line.

1. Promote Your Email List

It may sound simple- but how are you supposed to get email leads in the first place if no one knows your email program exists?

Check that your email program has:

  • Easy one-click email list registration on your website
  • Email subscription preferences to give leads the option to customize their preferences rather than unsubscribing entirely
  • Promotion of your email list on your social media channels

Also, don’t forget to promote on all relevant pages of your website by promising more content like the page your visitors are already on.

With the ease of sign up always just a click away, you’ll increase your email leads, increasing your chance of conversion.

2. Provide the Next Logical Step

Follow the intuition of your leads by setting up a logical next step.

For example, try an email exclusive offer.

Exclusivity entices sign ups in the first place, plus it encourages users to follow through when those offers land in their inbox.

On your website, a great way to do this is by using exit popups to build your email list. This can grow your email list by catching the attention of interested readers before they leave your site.

Within the emails, provide a clear call to action to improve your click-through rates.

Don’t overcrowd your email with a huge to-do list for your leads, instead, be clear and concise to increase the chance of follow-through. Stick to a single column format to maximize effectiveness.

3. Add Social Sharing Buttons

It’s no secret that social media is an easy way to increase customer trust. This is because social media increases transparency by humanizing a brand.

Plus, social sites have become search engines within themselves, and search engine optimization leads to brand authority and excellent ROI.

Add social sharing buttons to your email marketing to show your business authority and increase click through rates. Studies show that social buttons can increase click-through rates by 158%.

4. Meet Leads Where They Are

Automate your email list to personalize your outreach efforts. To you, this may be a mass communication, but to the reader, it feels like a personal conversation.

Design emails to target leads wherever they are in the sales funnel.


  • First, raise awareness of your brand, product, or promotion
  • Second, give them the opportunity to follow through
  • Third, seal the deal with an easy conversion process
  • Lastly, retain customers by presenting them with related products

Basically, the less effort for the leads, the better chance they’ll convert.

Now You Know!

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