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Here’s Why You Need a Strong Online Business Presence – and How You Can Get It

Launched a website or a Facebook page for your business?

Congratulations! You made the first big step tapping into the online market. It should also mark the beginning of a new method to attract customers to your brick-and-mortar locations.

However, having an online store is simply the beginning. After all, your competition likely has one too. In fact, 51% of small business are online with their own website and 48% are online via social media.

Even the greatest retail site will collect dust and drive your business to bankruptcy without a strong online business presence. 

But what makes a strong digital presence? Why is it so important?

Read on to discover more:

What Defines Internet Presence?

If people search for your business online, will they find something? The more they can find, the bigger your digital presence is. 

This means people should find your business even with a quick Google search. They should easily see you have a website, a Facebook page, an Instagram or Pinterest account, and perhaps connections with retail shops like Amazon. 

It shouldn’t be hard to find reviews about your business. It shouldn’t take too much time to locate physical stores on Google Maps or get a hold of your contact information. 

But why is still all important? It all starts with building a sense of trust and credibility.

1. Strong Online Business Presence Builds Credibility

Think about it this way: say for example there are two companies selling the exact same product, like a luxury couch. One company has no online presence but the other does. When customers try to figure out which business to purchase from, it’s more than likely they’ll choose the one with a strong online presence.

This is because they can check if that company has good reviews and if the company operates legitimately. They can check if the company sells high-quality products instead of cheap knock-offs. They can find a contact page and call a service representative to address any questions or concerns.

When people see a strong online presence, they know the company is reliable. They see there’s nothing to hide. Standing out in public shows that the company is trustworthy and is willing to address any issues.

2. Better Communication

Building an online presence also helps people come to you. Whether new clients or returning customers, people will always want to communicate with your business. They might have questions that need immediate answering or they might have offers or complaints you should address. 

Remember: customers often seek the easiest and quickest route. If it takes too much effort to come to you, they might lose interest and simply turn to the competition. A strong online presence keeps them close to you.

But what counts as good communication and good online presence?

First, they should be able to find your address and contact number on the official website. Customers should be able to contact you on social media as well. There should be multiple outlets online, like these, for them to get a hold of you.

3. More Efficient Branding

Having a strong online presence also makes it easier to market your brand. You’re no longer limited to physical flyers, business cards, and posters. Now, with your online audience, you can use video ads, PPC ads, Facebook posts, and Instagram or Pinterest contests to increase brand awareness.

Also, keep in mind that the stronger your online presence is, the quicker your marketing moves become viral.

One post could get shared thousands of times within the span of a day. That could mean millions of new people discovering your brand for the first time. This should motivate you to plan ahead instead of carelessly firing your marketing strategy as soon as you can.

4. Showcase Your Products/Services

Introducing a new product to the market? You might want to have a strong online presence coupled with useful content before launching the product.

Think about it: 73% of all consumers prefer to watch a video before buying something. They want to make sure they get their money’s worth, after all. A good unboxing video or a video review can showcase the product or service to the consumer, helping them assess whether they should spend or not.

This becomes even more effective if your online presence extends to consumer-produced content. Customers will love your video ads but they’ll value consumer video reviews even more. Having more positive reviews boosts your online presence and sheds it in a positive light.

5. Your Online Presence Sums Up Your Image

When people mention EA, more often than not they conjure a negative image of loot boxes and gambling woven into video games. When people think of Nintendo, they picture a company with strong respect for Japanese culture and the attention to detail when designing fun games fit for the whole family. 

What do people think of when your company gets mentioned? What do they imagine whenever you release a new ad promoting a new product? Is their immediate reaction one of excitement or of anger?

Having a strong online presence helps shape what people picture regarding your brand. Your online presence will sum up your image and branding power. It only takes a few clicks on Reddit or Facebook to see whether or not people love your company or not.

Build Your Online Business Presence Today!

Going through these five reasons, it’s easy to see why you should focus on effective presence marketing. You want people to trust your brand, know your brand, and associate your brand with a good reputation. You want to have a platform to showcase products and communicate with your consumers.

But understanding why an online business presence is crucial and working to have one are two different tasks. Building a strong and efficient online presence is never easy.

Fortunately, we’ve got your back.

We’ve got a ton of guides to help you figure out the best way to market your brand. Here’s one you can check out now that lists 7 ways to build an online presence

What are you waiting for? Discover more and build an online presence today!

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